Week 3 – Stewardship


Read: your notes from Sunday morning’s sermon.


Intro: This week at church we talked about Godly Stewarship, and what that stewardship looks like. We went over the three stages of stewardship:


  1. Recognize who the true owner is.
  2. Take care of what has been entrusted to you.
  3. Use everything you have to glorify God.


We also talked about 3 questions we should ask ourselves before spending money:


  1. Who receives the glory?
  2. What is the true cost of the Item?
  3. Who receives the joy or satisfaction from it?


Discussion Questions: 


  1. What is the oldest thing you own? What kind of shape is it in?
  2. When thinking about your money do you think of it as yours or as God’s? Be honest.
  3. Throughout out your life, what lessons have you learned about stewardship?
  4. Who in your life has shown you an example of Godly stewardship? What are some examples of how they displayed this?


Feel free to discuss or ask additional questions as they arise


Spiritual Practice: Prayer Week 5 – Praying for others instead of ourselves

Last week we talked about using our imaginations when we pray. We have all of the basics of prayer masterd, so this week our focus is to use our prayers mainly for the benefit of others, trusting that God is working in their lives and in their minds. Here is a list of people you might pray for this week. Take some time to look over it and ask God who he might have you pray for. Devote your prayer time to just one or two on the list. Pray deeply, and consistently over just one or two. 

  • A close friend
  • Your spouse
  • Your children
  • Your community group as a whole
  • Your pastor
  • Someone at work
  • A child you know
  • The worship service this upcoming week
  • The sermon this upcoming week
  • A friend’s marriage
  • Someone you know who is dealing with sexual sin
  • Someone you know who is sick
  • Stangers who you pass by this week

Closing verse: James 5:16“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”