Mission of Elevate Christian Church

At Elevate Chrisitian Church our mission is to, “Elevate People towards Christ”

We see this example set in John 5 where Jesus goes to an individual, elevates him, and encourages him to live a life that honors God.

We envision doing this through, reaching families through reaching men, engaging our community by partnering with local community centers, and focusing on discipleship through small communities.


Gospel Communities: We believe in a group of people coming together, eating together, and living life together through Jesus Christ.

Reaching People Through the Men: The most effective way of reaching the family is by reaching the family through the men. If you reach the men you get the entire family.

Reproduction Through Discipleship: We believe the best way to reach people for Jesus is discipleship. The act of passing on information from one person to another.

Multiplication Through Church Planting: We want to be a church that plants a church. Only 10% of churches that are planted by another church plant a church.

Value our Community: God called us to South Lexington to love on the communities. We want to value the communities and the people that are a part of them.